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In search of Happiness.

-by Abhijith Marathakam

When a study published last December in the British Medical Journal announced that happiness is contagious, it became a top news item throughout the U.S. media—alongside lead stories about the auto industry’s plea for a
$34 billion bailout, the Treasury Department’s plan to salvage the nation’s housing market, the Mumbai
police’s search for terrorists, and spiraling confrontations in the West Bank. An explosion of interest in happiness
has hit our collective consciousness—outnumbered though it may be by headlines on societal collapse. In a
variety of popular magazines—Time, Discover, Science Now, Smithsonian, Wired, Home, Christianity Today—and books of most genres—The Geography of Bliss, A History of Happiness, This Is Your Brain on Joy, Exploring Adolescent Happiness, The Joy of Retirement—happiness is telling a multifaceted story. Psychology Today reports that 4,000 books on the subject were published in 2008 as compared to 50 in 2000. Although there’s an element of commodification in this
trend (you can get a “sustainable happiness makeover” in just three months for $3,000), it’s also true that part of
what’s driving this phenomenon is scientific interest in the investigation, and the findings are news.


The Intrigue science of POSSESSION.

Answers...unanswered questions.....unsolved mystiques.......

What is demon possession?
What does it mean to be possessed with a devil?
Can a Christian have a demon?
What are the signs of a demon?
Who can cast out demons?
Can a child have a demon?
Are all demons the same?
Isn’t demon possession rare?
Can you be partly delivered?
What is a generational curse?
What is a soul tie?

Jesus in India….FACT OR FLAW!!


Jesus’ Deliverance from the Cross & Journey to INDIA

I have written this knol so that by adducing proofs from
established facts, conclusive historical evidence of proven
value, and ancient documents of other nations, I might
dispel the serious misconceptions which are current among
Christians and most Muslim sects regarding the earlier and
the later life of Jesus.

A Response To : “Reason is the greatest enemy of faith”

my response to the notion reason is the greatest enemy of faith.

In simple words, “I Truly agree” to the notion, “Reason is the greatest enemy of faith” .But there is a lot of explanations and exceptions needed before saying so. And that’s why am writing this Knol.

Did Jesus rise from the dead?

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Atheist Bertrand Russell wrote in 1925, “I believe that when I die I shall rot, and nothing of my own ego will survive.”1 Well, that’s cheerful. Russell clearly bordered on the morose, but we’ve all wondered, with perhaps more optimism, what will happen to us when we die.

The two sides of the coin!!

Differences Between Book & The Bible

Here are only a few of the errors represented as fact in Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code.

Overview of Facts and Fiction

(the differences in reality and the davinci code)

What the Experts Say about the Cups in
The Last Supper

All You Need About Davinci Code!!

An uncomparable collection of links and facts for you!

I’m the one who is assigned with the job of clearing all the doubts on davinci and all related topics like the keepers of sion, cryptex, san grail..and more