A Response To : “Reason is the greatest enemy of faith”

my response to the notion reason is the greatest enemy of faith.



In simple words, “I Truly agree” to the notion, “Reason is the greatest enemy of faith” .But there is a lot of explanations and exceptions needed before saying so. And that’s why am writing this Knol.

Response to : “Reason is the greatest enemy of faith”

“Faith is blessing , that am yet to receive!”, this was Robert Langdon’s reply to Commander Olivetti’s question “Do you believe in god?”, in the novel Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown.


In simple words, “I Truly agree” to the notion, “Reason is the greatest enemy of faith” .But there is a lot of explanations and exceptions needed before saying so. And that’s why am writing this Knol.


Why I agree is because, faith, as many people say. Gives them hope, courage and transcends them to a holy state, what they call a divine presence. Psychologically, it helps them to activate their “super conscious mind”, which many people believe to be a scientifically proven fact.




This doesn’t essentially require the presence of a priest, any idol, or any specific places like the churches or any other “religious buildings”.


To be frank, I’ve never heard of such a state of mind called “Super conscious mind” from any of the eminent psychologists of the world. Freud, the master of psychology describes about only the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious states of mind. Ok, whatever it be let’s assume that it’s true and there is a super conscious state of mind.


Some say, when one cries, from the bottom of their hearts for a specific reason or cause, whether it be in a street or a church, greatly influences his subconscious mind.

And the mind does the rest.


Now, considering the people around the globe, out of which a large majority of people finds it hard to digest the psychological aspects and the power of their subconscious mind, churches, priests, religious rituals are of great help to use their subconscious to elevate their lives. For them “reason is, in fact, the greatest enemy of their faith”.


What’s the most important factor?

It’s the wellbeing of people and the goodness of entire human race. And for that religion play a great role. But as in all other subjects, in this matter too, abuse and exploitation is prominent .Which has to be questioned. There is no need to frighten the people with an intention of making them believers. That’s INSANE!!


“God is not a person who sits somewhere in the clouds and watches you. Its a state of mind, that is solely inside you, inside every human being”


There is no point in explaining such things to a person who doesn’t even have the ability to think about anything beyond his daily rushes to find the basic needs that fills his stomach. He has no time to think about the power inside him, when he’s desperate in finding a way to feed his family.


For the belief is the only aid that gives them strength, and hope, theat there’s someone up in the sky, watching over them caring for them each and every second they live.


Now here comes the role of religion. To explain to them without hurting their faith, the importance of believing in oneself, the modern inspirational ideas, which aims at influencing and activating one’s subconscious and use it in a way to create a better living, a better family, a better society and a better world.


But   religions have failed!!!

Unfortunately they are also infected by the deadliest plague-greed for power to control others. They are no longer concerned about the basic intention for what a religion is for. Islam, which literally means peace, has a different image now in the world because of the wrong deeds of a few people who believes religion higher than lives of people. Similar is the case with any other religion, whether it is Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism….or any other religion.

Hinduism, not the one that prevails now  but the real ancient Hinduism, describes elaborately about the presence of, what the new age priests call” GOD”, inside oneself.

I recommend the English translation if the ancient Indian Vedas by Max Muller, to clear the entire doubts, not just spiritual but psychological. Am not trying to emphasize that Hinduism is the only religion that traveled right, its just because of its elaborateness. Then one will understand that all religions had a single supreme intention.


                                         AHAM BRAHMASMI










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